Community Rules

  1. Treat others well and with respect!
    No harassment, trolling, namecalling, etc.
  2. Speak English!
    You do not have to be good at it.
  3. No NSFW, political, religious or illegal content!
    Content = discussion of said topics, images, memes, etc.
  4. Tag major spoilers!
    If there is no way to do so, give a spoiler warning!
  5. Don’t spam!
    Advertising without permission and attempts to circumvent automoderation also count as spam.
  6. Keep channels on-topic and watch out for channel-specific rules!
    Channel-specific rules can be found in a channel’s description, if there are any.
  7. Don’t bring drama from other places to this community!
  8. Staff members have the final say in matters.
  9. Known malicious users may be banned without any infraction committed in our community.
  10. Act in the spirit of the rules and use common sense!
    Something not being explicitly listed as not okay does not necessarily make it okay. If in doubt, ask a staff member!

Our community strives to uphold
the Keystone Code

Keystone Code

PDF version:

You too can take the GLHF Pledge at .