Welcome to Penta G!

Chill, non-toxic, professionally run gaming communities, servers and more!

Lots of gaming
Zero trolling

At Penta G you don’t have to deal with harassment, bullying and other forms of trolling.

Our communities and servers are moderated environments where being respectful to each other is the number one rule… literally!

For more information, check out our community rules!

“safe and bully free”

“safe and bully free”


Penta G has an incredibly welcoming community, and although some might consider some rules strict, I believe they are integral to keeping Penta G’s community safe and bully free. The community is very tightly knit, and is very welcoming to new players!
Fun and Organized

Fun and Organized


The community is well run by an organized team and have an open arms policy for new players. Very cool people.